Opening of the first archaeological park in Macedonia – “Arhaeo Park Brazda”

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“Arheo Park Brazda” was implemented by the Archaeologica team with support from AD ELEM, from the program for social responsibility. Assupporters participated: Museum of Macedonia, Green Ark, SAA Axios, Macedonian Forests, Image Plus, local residents and others.

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The team members from Archaeologica worked for months to transform this unique cultural monument, which was neglected and unavailable to visitors, into a new cultural and touristic attraction nearby Skopje.

The presence of representatives from ELEM, Ministry of Culture, Cultural Heritage Protection Ofice, Museum of Macedonia, Skopje Museum, Faculty of Philosophy and others is expected.

21 of May was the day when in the foot of of Mt. Skopska Crna Gora, on the site Gradiste, v. Brazda, municipality of Cucer Sandevo the first archaeological park in Macedonia was finally open.
“Arheo Park Brazda” was implemented by the Association “Archaeologica”. The purpose of this project was to protect and promote the cultural heritage of Macedonia, to protect the nature surrounding the site and with all that to create a new cultural and tourist attraction in the near vicinity of the capitol city.

For many years since its discovery the site “Gradiste v. Brazda” was inaccessible to visitors, and many incidental or intentional tourists didn’t have the opportunity to be informed about the specifics of this significant cultural heritage. Therefore, in agreement with the Museum of Macedonia, the association Archaeologica implemented this project.

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Over the past few months we undertook several activities to clean and arrange this site :
The interior of the tomb and the hall (dromos) were completely cleaned from wild vegetation and debris, thus we increased the visibility of the site; The plateau in front of the tomb was cleared and leveled; We provided an approach to the tomb an built an access path with two bridges; We built a small square on which we placed wooden benches; We organized a voluntary action to clear the riverbeds of garbage; The landscape around the park was horticultural engrafted; We placed an informational board and signposts; We printed and distributed informative flyers and we developed a web site about the park. All the materials used in this park were natural and didn’t stand out from the natural environment which created a synergy between the cultural heritage and nature.

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“Everything that we did is only a part from the whole concept about this arheo park. We hope that we can implement the whole project in the future.” – said Radomir Ivanovic, project manager from association Archaeologica.

“In the written sources from antiquity there is very little data for this region and especially for the city that existed here. So, with its discovery many questions were opened before the archaeologists: who were the builders of such a building, where do they came from, how and when they lived and what was their particular role in the Skopje valley in those ancient times in early antiquity “- said MA Goran Sanev from the Museum of Macedonia and head of research at the site.

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This project is supported by AD ELEM, from the program for social responsibility. As supporters participated: Museum of Macedonia, Green Ark assosiation, SAA Axios, Macedonian Forests, Image Plus, local residents, volunteers from the department of archaeology from the Faculty of Philosophy and others.

The ceremonial opening of “Arheo Park Brazda”, was attended by about 80 visitors, including representatives of: Museum of Macedonia, Department for Protection of Cultural Heritage, Philosophy Faculty, students, local people, media and others.

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