IAR – Skopje

Institute for Archaeological Research – Skopje is an association that was established after many years of acting of its members in the field of culture and cultural events in our country and abroad with one purpose, need of associating of all archaeologists in one place who can further contribute to the development of archaeology in general. The need of constitution of IARS occur due to lack of such associations in our country.

The desire to change the working conditions and actions of archaeologists and the wish and the need to work with huge passion the science that we have devoted our lives is the only bright thread that leads members of this association to work selflessness and to create new projects that will be realized by many archaeologists, current and prospective.

IARS is an association that works primarily in the field of archaeology, established in 2016. The main objective of IARS is presiding the appropriate activities and engagements in the field of archaeology, cultural heritage protection, improving the environment, development of alternative tourism.

You can find out more about our activities on our facebook page.